Health Challenges

Today our Environment is not Optimal to promote Health

There are so many challenges that we face daily,

Be they physical, mental, emotional or spiritual

For all chronic disease you have three things in the physical to do  …

1. You need to boost your immune system by detoxing.

2. You need to address your diet, cut out the problem foods, eat organic and restore your BIOME with good probiotics

3. You need to cope with stress

4. Take good supplements to support this healing process.


The health challenges that have increased because of this toxic man-made environment in our world where our immune systems are not coping at present are especially…… 

Cancer and Auto Immune Diseases and other chronic conditions

CANCER  ….. Hormonal Imbalance Plays a Huge Role in Triggering this Disease… 

For more info on how to control and manage and heal your cancer go to Quantum Healing site

AUTO IMMUNE DISEASE … from Fibromyalga, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Hashimotos (and Hyper of Hypo thyroid Problems) and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  Hormonal imbalance plays a huge role in Auto -Immune disease and in stress management, so Progesterone therapy is essential for all.  It is also “Nature’s Valium” so natural progesterone  helps you control your stress.

Number one question to ask anytime you have an autoimmune disease is …. what’s causing the body to attack itself? ,  Why is the body attacking itself? In rheumatoid arthritis it’s attacking your joints, toxins are attacking the thyroid in Hashimoto’s, or the body in general in Fibromyalgia. Is it a hormonal imbalance caused by the xeno-oestrogens?  Is it food? Is it the environment I live in oR is it my bad Lifestyle choices ?

 Firstly look at your diet …remember, you are what you eat. What is causing inflammation?   Is it food allergies, poor nutrition and  are you digesting your food? … have you got leaky gut and a weak Biome?  All inflammatory foods must be cut out of the diet.   I advise a gluten free diet for everyone. A wheat free diet, specifically. And then, all genetically modified foods.

The Paleo diet is a good place to start with less meat than usually advocated and more organically grown vegetables.  Cut out most grains except millet and of course quinoa and Buck wheat.

For more info on how to control and manage and heal your cancer go to Quantum Healing  site

VIRUS INFECTIONS such as Herpes, Epstein-Barr, Mononucleosis,cytomegalovirus or shingles you can live with until stress weakens the immune system and these viruses start to raise their ugly head again. You’ve got to help your immune system become stronger to fight off this virus. Clean up your liver. So many people with chronic illnesses, especially chronic fatigue syndrome, have a sluggish liver. And you  need to make sure you take the supplement products to clean that up. For chronic fatigue syndrome, it’s a matter of getting that immune system to kick back in.

Secondly Look at the toxins you are exposed to and clean up your home and work environments of all toxins. Also be ware that mercury fillings should be removed, but, very carefully so that you are not exposed to more mercury.